Getting Around Toronto

Toronto is fortunate to have several different public transit options. The city is served by international Amtrak rail service from New York City each day, while Toronto Pearson International Airport offers flights around the country and the globe. Beyond these transportation options for reaching Toronto, there are also plenty of solutions for getting around the city, many of which are operated by the city itself.

Known as the Toronto Subway and RT, the rapid transit system of the city consists of four different lines. The first subway system built in Canada, it is the largest rapid rail system in the nation. With stops scattered throughout the downtown region and neighboring areas, the Subway and RT is arguably the quickest way to move around town. 69 stations are located in Toronto, providing easy access to a wide assortment of different destinations in the busy city.

In addition to the Subway and RT, there are more than 150 bus routes that crisscross the city. Information about the various routes available can be obtained from any of the bus stations or subway stops. In addition to these buses, Toronto also operates the largest streetcar system in North America. Visitors and residents alike can take advantage of the 11 different routes in the downtown area.

The city also operates what is known as the Blue Night Network, ensuring access to buses throughout the night. 22 bus routes and 2 streetcars operate overnight, with the grid built so that most areas of the city are within walking distance of one of the overnight stops. All overnight buses are numbered in the 300 range, indicating that the service occurs when normal buses are not in operation.

For visitors to the commercial airport in Toronto, the Billy Bishop Island Airport, the city also offers a ferry service. The ferry shuttles passengers from Bathurst Street to the airfield. There are also ferries that operate in the city from time to time when large ships and cruises arrive.

In addition to the public transportation options in Toronto, residents of this Canadian city can take advantage of an extensive taxi system. Cabs can be found throughout the city, and are always available for passengers arriving at major terminuses, such as Union Station and the international airport. Passengers can also take advantage of private shuttle buses and vans in these locations, which are available for those traveling in large groups.